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Welcome to CHCC Digital Media’s Game-on home page. You are are about to enter the Realm of the Seven Kingdoms. Should you choose to embark upon this adventure, 


You will be expected to work hard, grow intellectually and emotionally, and show honor. 

The king of the Seven Kingdoms is dead and winter is coming. The White Walkers have vowed their revenge upon humanity. You must work to develop your skills and collaborate with your kingdom to fight them and ensure the land remains safe. The most successful kingdom will take control of the Iron Thrown.

Your quests and battles will happen both on the “Maester box” (computer) as well as through the 3-Eyed Crow (Marcia). Your rewards, salary, status, power and access will come both through the Maester box as well as card play. Suggestions are welcome.

Click on the “Quests” icon in the top menu bar to begin.